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ROTC students are encouraged to attend all military-affiliated events and programming.

Stanford ROTC students have a unique standing on campus. You will be expected to maintain full-time undergraduate enrollment, while concurrently attending military science classes at coordinating universities.

You can expect to spend time commuting to other universities to complete your required courses.

The OMAC has a ZipCar account, to allow ROTC students to commute to their necessary classes and ROTC functions at no cost to the student. Current or accepted ROTC students may sign up for a Zipcar account here. For complete step by step instructions contact the OMAC at 


  • US Navy takes place at Berkeley. View more information here
  • US Air Force takes place at San Jose State. View more information here
  • US Army takes place at Santa Clara University. View more information: here.

For ROTC academic advising, please contact Sally Mentzer in Academic Advising at

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